The French Closet was created to help parents become more eco-conscious and offer a pleasant secondhand shopping experience. 

Before having my first child, I was an eco-warrior and I tried my very best every single day to protect our planet and build an eco-friendly home. After welcoming my first baby, I realized how hard it was to keep an eco-conscious lifestyle with a kid in Australia. I did not want to buy anything new for my baby girl but I could not find any affordable and stylish option in preloved clothing. I got so frustrated because I missed the pleasant shopping experience that every mum deserves.

On the other hand, I did not know what to do with the overgrown garments and the cupboards got full very quickly. I did not have the time to post multiple ads on any marketplace and manage the buyers' questions.


So, I decided to lift all the barriers to second-hand shopping and offer only the best to encourage parents to shop mainly second hand kids clothes, and forget about new and cheap clothing that does not last.

It is now easy to be an eco-conscious parent and reduce your family's environmental impact.


** Join the green revolution and choose the sustainable option for your little ones **

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